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Hunter J. Haselrig

Hunter J. Haselrig has defied all odds and stands tall as a beacon of inspiration in the high-octane media space. His unique blend of networking prowess, unwavering grit, and the pursuit of balance has allowed him to carve out a niche in a fiercely competitive landscape and thrive. As a leader who prioritizes genuine connections and healthy work ethics, Hunter has rapidly propelled himself to the forefront of the media industry and is becoming a force in the business world.


Hunter J. Haselrig has been immersed in the media industry from a young age, discovering his passion for it at just 12 years old when he first picked up a camera. Since 2017, Hunter has been involved in the creation of over 15,000 videos, photos, and other creative projects, showcasing his skills in shooting, editing, and production. He has worked on various indie, short, and student films, bringing his expertise as director of photography, set photographer, 1st AC, 2nd AC, and key grip.

Investment & Innovation

Hunter J. Haselrig is also an active investor in startups, with a keen eye for identifying emerging talent and disruptive ideas. His experience in the media industry has given him a deep understanding of the market and a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed. Hunter is passionate about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and enjoys sharing his knowledge and insights to help them succeed. As an investor, he has a proven track record of backing successful ventures, and his portfolio includes some of the most innovative startups in the industry.

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